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Fostering Global Citizenship

Talk Lounge  

For : Suwon citizens

Activity :
  • Practicing languages with a native advisor
  • English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish

Lecture on Global Culture 「Sympathizing Multi-culture」  

For : Suwon citizens

Activity : Promoting citizens’ capability for sympathizing multi-culture and global citizenship through experts’ lectures

Suwon Center’s Volunteer Activators (SCVA) 

For : Suwon citizens and students from universities located in Suwon

Activity : Planning and carrying out Korean Culture Day & supporting Korean language program for foreign residents

Language & cultural Study Abroad  

For : Suwon citizens who can speak English, Chinese, Japanese

Activity : Strengthening citizens’ abilities through experiencing local culture, practicing language by visiting cities abroad

Meeting the global leaders as students’ mentor  

For : Secondary school students who are interested in international activities

Activity : Giving motivation and useful information(necessary qualities and skills) to students through global professionals’ lectures.

Skype Language Exchange  

For : citizens who can speak Japanese

Activity : Exchanging language between Suwon citizens learning Japanese and Fukui citizens learning Korean.