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Sister & Friendship Cities

Suwon has the following international sister cities and friendship cities

Please click on the country name on the map , you can see the details.

세계지도 inan, China Asahikawa, Japan Fukui City, Japan Fes, Morocco Bandung, Indonesia Townsville, Australia Sem Reap Province, Cambodia Curitiba, Brazil Toluca, Mexico Hai Duong, Vietnam Hangzhou, China Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Cluj-Napoca, Romania Yalova, Turkey Zhuhai, China Freiburg, Germany Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Curitiba, Brazil
  • The date of Conclusion: 2006. 7. 24
  • Area: 420 ㎢
  • Population : 1,850,000
  • Key Industry : tourism, automobile, manufacturing, urban engineering
Regional characteristics
  • Capital city of Parana State, the first state in Brazil
  • City of migrants from all parts of the world (Japanese account for a large number)
  • One of the best eco-friendly cities(well-organized bus system, high green areas ratio)
  • Economy-centered city in Parana state (Complex zone of multinational companies, inc. Renault and Fiat)